Bedroom Chairs - some tips to help you choose the right one

When you see a photo of a bedroom in a glossy magazine, what do you see? A bed, a wardrobe, curtains, and soft furnishings certainly spring to mind. But look closely and in any stylish bedroom you'll see a chair. So if you are thinking about your own bedroom how do you choose the right chair?
Bentley buttom back bedroom chairBefore you choose your chair think back to where you last saw a bedroom chair, and consider how you used it. We often associate bedroom chairs with hotels because the room is almost a self contained home; one needs somewhere to sit to use the table/desk.
The bedroom at home is not so different, and indeed an occasional chair strategically placed can create the luxury ambiance of a boutique hotel – provided the floor isn’t covered in discarded clothing!
To help you focus on the right chair we'd suggest that you focus on three aspects; form, function and style.


The form of the chair will frequently be dictated by the size and layout of the room. In smaller bedrooms you may only be able to include a small chair in the corner. But in medium sized bedrooms you will have more choice.
If you are lucky enough to have a large bedroom then you can really go to town with your décor. For example if you have space for two chairs and an upholstered footstool/coffee table you can create a private area for relaxing, rather like in a boutique hotel. This area can be segmented from the sleeping area by the clever use of targeted area lighting, rugs to demarcate floor zones or the use of free standing oriental style screens.


Chairs in bedrooms generally do not get used as much as in the lounge so they do not need to be as hard-wearing. You might get away with silk fabric for upholstery in a Cherwell upholstered bedroom chair; one of most popular designsbedroom.. Also in most bedrooms chairs will be used to brief periods of time. Though if you use the chair as a depository for your hastily discarded clothes it means you don’t have to find hangers before you hit the sack.
In children’s bedrooms a chair often serves as a work chair, because it can be pulled up at a table where a computer might be used or where school homework can be completed. Not surprisingly children’s chairs can be smaller but they need to be robust.
An exception would be a chair in a bedroom for a baby or toddler. Here the chair is best suited to the needs of the parents. Often this is called a nursing chair in which a baby can be breast-fed in comfort.


It goes without saying that the style of the bedroom chair needs to match that of its surroundings. This is what most people immediately focus on rather than Form and Function. Fortunately chairs are available in virtually every style under the sun, traditional or contemporary, understated or in your face, ornate or minimalist and so on. Whether your bedroom is Scandinavian style, New York loft, chateau chic, 50s retro or any other flavour, you will be able to find a suitable chair.
For your children you will have no difficulty finding chairs that are based on Disney or super hero themes – even your child’s favourite sport. But remember that these chairs are assumed to have a limited life. In contrast for adult bedrooms you can get chairs built to the same level of quality and durability that you’d expect in a lounge or living room.
So to add a distinctive finishing touch to your boudoir we’d always suggest that you consider adding a bedroom chair to the scheme. You’ll be amazed how it adds an extra lift to an already attractive décor.

Posted by Steve Whitt

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