Chairs and their famous users - the top 5

Often one thinks of iconic chairs in terms of the designer; most people would recognise the chair but not the designer. Some chairs and their occupants are however inseparable.

We've trawled through our archive and created the top five pairings of chairs and their celebrity occupant:

#5 To boldly go
You don't need to be a loyal Trekkie to recognise this chair and its famous occupant, Captain Kirk. Even with warp speed I imagine Kirk was sitting here a long time; is it really that comfortable? Perhaps reduced gravity in outer space helped?

Captain's Chair – Star Trek (1966 – 1969)

#4 One for Housemates Everywhere
When the TV "reality" show Big Brother started, no one expected it to last for  over a decade. And no-one could have predicted the impact of the chair in the diary room. Each season a new chair was introduced into the room in which housemates could cry their hearts out "in private". Few people can remember all the chair occupants but the image of the chairs outlives them all:

Big Brother Diary Room Chairs

#3 The fastest rise to fame for a chair
This chair had an imaginary occupant who would have been instantly recognisable had he faced the equally recognisable inquisitor, Clint Eastwood. This chair rose to fame in the Republican Party National Convention in the USA in 2012 and now is probably more widely on the Internet than any other chair in this listing.

#2 I've started so I'll finish
Despite the catchphrase associated with this chair it doesn't quite make it to #1. Rather like the Big Brother chair this chair has become more famous than its many occupants. The Mastermind chair was intended to intimidate contestants on the TV show. The original was given to the presenter Magnus Magnusson on his retirement from the show.

Mastermind (1972 – 1997 & 2003 – present)

#1 Staying Power
Few people could say they have occupied the same chair for over 60 years and for that reason Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip and the Royal Throne top the list. Indeed the longevity of this pairing is in complete contrast to the transient relationship of the Big Brother Chair.

Do you know of any other famous combinations of chairs and their occupants that we should have considered? Please do let us know.
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Posted by Steve Whitt


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