Picking the Perfect Chair for your Hall or Lobby

Next time you are in a public building or stately home take a look to see where chairs are located. In almost every  case you'll see occasional chairs or even sofas in the entrance lobby.

In a business environment functionality takes priority because these chairs are usually meant for people waiting to enter or meet someone. But in a domestic setting, seating in an entrance hall is more a question of style and setting the scene for the home you are about to enter.
Although few of us have the space or budget associated with a stately home that doesn't mean that we should not consider a chair in our hall. In fact most halls or lobbies have room for one chair - even if it is a small or junior size.
Bentley Button-back Chair ideal for your lobby or hall.
You may have also spotted that most hall chairs are rarely sat on. That means you CAN use a small chair. That means you can position the chair underneath the rising stair case - even if there is limited head room.
Clyse Chaise Longue - perfect for an entrance hall
The real trick is to pick a chair style that is in keeping with your overall domestic ethos. If you home is streamlined and achingly minimalist then reflect this in your choice of chair. Conversely if your preferred style is one of traditional luxury or grandeur then you can easily reflect this in your choice of furniture. If you have the space then a small sofa or chaise longue will do everything to set the mood.

To complete the picture in your hall, it is important to consider the overall look rather than the chair in isolation. The fabric on the chair or sofa needs to coordinate with curtains and cushions. Whilst the wood needs to work with the flooring, other wooden furniture such as console tables, and any exposed wood in doors or stair casing.

Finally it's worth noting that because hall chairs are lightly used you can pick from a wider range of fabrics; you can pick fabrics rated for light use which would not be ideal for heavily used living room furniture.

Have you got any questions about hall chairs? Contact us and we'll try to help.

Posted by Steve Whitt


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