Summer wackiness - chairs inspired by the summer heat

Most of us think of chairs in a fairly conventional way. Fortunately there are a few free thinkers amongst us for whom the word “convention” only refers to a large gathering of people. We've found a few chairs that have lept out of the living room into the wider world....

Is it a chair, is it a pedalo?

No it's an amphibious bath chair. Courtesy of Lyndon Yorke who can be occasionally seen on the upper Thames, especially during Regatta.
Amphibious Bath Chair 
This is more along the lines of how a count should comport himself. Some TV/gaming chairs have a built-in beer cooler but, in keeping with this chair’s style, the built-in champagne cooler is a nice touch.
Source: The Chap Magazine

Seating whilst under the influence

A small town police department in Minnesota seized a motorised lounge chair from its drunk owner after a drunk driving incident.
The black and blue leather lounge chair comes complete with stereo, footrest, cupholders, headlights, a nitrous oxide power boost system, drag racing-style steering wheel and a parachute.
Motorised La-z-Boy; pimped out chair 
Built on top of a riding lawn mower engine, the chair is decorated with stickers proclaiming "hell yeah it's fast" and "I smoked your [expletive]", and can get up to speeds of 24 kilometres per hour.
It was seized on August 31, 2008 after Dennis LeRoy Anderson, 62, smashed it into a parked car on his way back from a local bar in Proctor, Minnesota.
Source: AFP

Scuba chair

Chairs usually end up under water if drunks throw the furniture into the swimming pool. Or perhaps if the amphibious bath chair (above) has a mid-river accident.

Scubs Chair

However man’s ingenuity knows no limits, hence the fully functioning Scuba Chair. This chair is not self propelled, but is dragged by a boat on the surface – clearly an opportunity for further development of a completely autonomous underwater chair.

Up Up & Away!

Fed up with boring old gravity, “Lawn Chair Larry” — Larry Walters — tied helium balloons to this lawn chair in 1982 with the idea that he’d go for a short flight, just to see what it was like.
He miscalculated things, though, and ended up soaring to 16,000 feet, where the pilot of an airliner uttered — for the first time in history — the words, “I’ve just passed a guy flying in a lawn chair.”


Lawn Chair Larry’s plan was to shoot out the balloons with a pellet gun when it was time to descend, but he dropped the gun. He eventually landed in Long Beach.
For the adventure, Walter received honourable mention for the 1982 Darwin Awards

The Final Frontier

A few more helium balloons and maybe Lawnchair Larry would be in quite a different category. Perhaps he’d be challenging Felix Baumgartner for the highest balloon flight. Getting a chair and its occupant comfortably (key point!) into space used to be a huge technological challenge.

Chair in Space - the Final Frontier

That is until Photoshop came along.
Source: Eric T Gunther

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